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Licensing & Regulatory Support

NSEC provides a wide range of licensing and regulatory support services to utility, industrial, and commercial clients.

NSEC can evaluate new or updated licensing and regulatory requirements to determine system functional and/or procedural compliance with the new regulations. These evaluations will then become the basis for procurement and/or licensing documentation such as:

  • System Compliance Evaluation
  • System Requirements Specification
  • System Design Basis Documentation
  • System Procurement/Bid Specification

NSEC has developed comprehensive Nuclear Plant Requirements Matrixes. These ACCESS Databases contain all regulatory requirements, regulatory guidance, and industry best practices associated with all aspects of various Nuclear Plant systems cross-referenced to the applicable paragraph of the source document (e.g. 10CFR73 sections, Regulatory Guides, NUREGs, etc.). These databases can be used when evaluating system functional, design and/or bid specifications.

NSEC has extensive experience with the following regulatory requirements:

Plant Process Monitoring & Control

  • 10CFR 50.36 – Technical Specifications
  • Regulatory Guide 1.97 – Instrumentation for Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants to Assess Plant and Environs Conditions Following an Accident.
  • NUREG-0737 – Clarification of TMI Action Plan Requirements. This NUREG incor-porates and expands on the earlier requirements as specified in NUREG-0578, TMI Lessons Learned Short-Term Requirements.
  • NUREG-0696 – Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS), Technical Support Center (TSC) and Emergency Response Facility (ERF).
  • NRC Generic Letter 83-28 – Post Trip Review.
  • Installation Requirements
    • IEEE Std. 323-1974, IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for Nu-clear Power Generating Stations
    • IEEE Std. 344-1975, IEEE Recommended Practices for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
    • IEEE Std. 383-1974, Standard for Type Test of Class 1E Electric Cables, Field Splices and Connections for Nuclear Generating Stations

Plant Security

  • 10 CFR Part 73.40 – Physical Protection, General Requirements
  • 10 CFR Part 73.45 – Performance Capabilities for Physical Protection Systems
  • 10 CFR Part 73.46 – Fixed Site Physical Protection Systems, Subsystems, Components, and Procedures
  • 10 CFR Part 73.50 – Requirements for Physical Protection of Licensed Activities
  • 10 CFR Part 73.51 – Requirements for Physical Protection of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Wastes
  • 10 CFR Part 73.56 – Personnel Access Authorization Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants
  • 10 CFR Part 73.55 – Requirements for Physical Protection of Licensed Activities in Nuclear Power Reactors Against Radiological Sabotage

Digital/Software Systems

  • 10 CFR Part 73.54 – Protection of Digital Computer and Communication Systems and Networks
  • NRC Regulatory Guide 5.71
  • NEI 10-04 Rev. 1 – Identifying Systems and Assets Subject to the Cyber Security Rule
  • NEI 10-09 Rev. 0 – Addressing Cyber Security Controls for Nuclear Power Reactors
  • IEEE Std. 729-1983, IEEE Standard – Glossary of Software Engineering Termi-nology
  • IEEE Std. 730-1998, IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans
  • IEEE Std. 828-1998, IEEE Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans
  • IEEE Std. 829-1983, IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation
  • IEEE Std. 830-1984, IEEE Guide to Software Requirements Specifications

Power Systems

  • IEEE Standard 308-1980, Standard Criteria for Class 1E Power Systems for Nu-clear Power Generating Stations.
  • IEEE Standard 323-1983, Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for Nu-clear Power Generating Stations.
  • IEEE Standard 450-1995, IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Test-ing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications.
  • IEEE Standard 485-1997, IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications.
  • IEEE Std. 650-1990, Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Static Battery Chargers & Inverters for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
  • NUREG/CR-0509: Emergency Power Supplies for Physical Security Systems