Network Systems Engineering Corp.

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Experience Summary

Project and Management Support

Mayor projects in this area include:

  1. Development of a comprehensive System Functional Specification for the replacement of the Plant Process Computer System at the Brunswick and Prairie Island Nuclear Power Stations. These specifications included all hardware, software and human-machine interface requirements
  2. Development of a comprehensive set of baseline documentation to ensure adequate configuration control for the plant process computer system at the Salem Nuclear Power Station. The documentation covered all of the system’s tasks including data manipulations, engineering conversions, data validation algorithms, and data calculation algorithms
  3. Development of a set of functional requirements for a computer-based Continuous Emission Monitoring System capable of meeting the EPA’s acid rain program as described in 40 CFR Part 75, including the requirements for record keeping, periodic testing, reporting, record maintenance, and availability
  4. Development of a comprehensive System Design Specification for the design, installation, and testing of a new Plant Security Computer System at the Ginna, Prairie Island, V.C. Summer, and D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Stations. After bids were received, NSEC performed a detailed evaluation of each bid and a comprehensive Conformance Matrix detailing how each bid met each functional and regulatory requirement.
  5. Performed comprehensive Verification and Validation Programs for a variety of newly installed systems to confirm conformance with applicable regulatory requirements in accordance with IEEE 1012-1998, NISTIR 4909, and NSAC 39 guidelines. Validated systems included the Safety Parameter Display System at six different nuclear power stations and the Plant Security Computer Systems at two nuclear power stations.
  6. Performed Project Management Responsibilities for the Plant Security Computer System Replacement Projects at the V.C. Summer and D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Stations. Responsibilities included cost and schedule tracking, vendor documentation reviews, and verification of deliverables.